Companion Resources Site for Corrections: A Text/Reader
Mary Stohr, Anthony Walsh, and Craig Hemmens

Introduction to the Companion Resources Site

This Web-based student Companion Resources Site is intended to enhance students' understanding of Corrections: A Text/Reader by Mary Stohr, Anthony Walsh, and Craig Hemmens. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for students to learn and enhance class discussion.

The Web-Based student Companion Resources Site contains recommended Web sites, SAGE journal articles, chapter quizzes, and more.

Section Resources

Section Summaries

Printable versions of the summaries found at the end of each section are included for easy reference.


The e-flashcards are a useful tool for students to enhance their understanding of key terms outlined in the sections.


The web quiz for students provides multiple choice and true/false questions to enhance students' understanding of the material. Answers are provided for each question after the quiz has been completed.

General Resources

Web Resources

These web links have been chosen to serve as additional resources for students who would like to learn more about important topics in the text.

Deparment of Corrections Web Sites for All U.S. States

A link to each state’s Department of Corrections has been provided for students to access information for their particular state.

Links to Video Clips

Links to online video clips from PBS Frontline, ABC News, and National Geographic have been provided for various topics found in the text.

Journal Articles

Full text SAGE research articles are presented by chapter so students can identify the key topics covered. Moreover, the articles are accompanied by questions to help students evaluate each piece, as well as links to the journals in which the articles were originally published.


Should any issues arise with the Web-based student Companion Resources Site, please feel free to let us know using the contact information provided.

Used together, these resources should create a comprehensive study package for students to supplement their learning of Corrections: A Text/Reader.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

We would like to thank Danielle Lavin-Loucks, from the University of Texas at Dallas, for creating the web quizzes. We would also like to thank Mary Stohr and Craig Hemmens, who have helped to produce a Companion Resources Site that is comprehensive and user-friendly.