Aging: Concepts and Controversies, Fifth Edition
Harry R. Moody, Director of Academic Affairs, AARP

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The controversies presented in your textbook are in a constant state of change as a result of new information and new events coming to the fore. To keep pace with this change, we have prepared this annotated list of online resources in aging to help you develop paper topics and conduct additional research.


Click on the chapter choices on this page. Each chapter’s web resources have two parts:

  • Websites that take a stand on the controversy presented.
  • Websites that present date or information related to the controversy

Brief Table of Contents
Basic Concepts I: A Life Course Perspective on Aging

Controversy 1: Why Do We Grow Old?

Controversy 2: Does Creativity Decline With Age?

Controversy 3: Does Old Age Have Meaning?

Basic Concepts II: Social and Economic Outlook for an Aging Society

Controversy 4: Should Age or Need Be the Basis for Entitlement?

Controversy 5: What Is the Future of Social Security?

Controversy 6: Is Retirement Obsolete?

Basic Concepts III: Aging, Health Care, and Society

Controversy 7: Should We Ration Health Care for Older People?

Controversy 8: Should Families Provide for Their Own?

Controversy 9: Should Older People Be Protected from Bad Choices?

Controversy 10: Should People Have the Choice to End Their Lives?


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