Richard J. Crisp
Rhiannon N. Turner

Pub Date:
February 2010

Pages: 484

Crisp and Turner - Essential Social Psychology

Welcome to the Companion Website for the 2nd edition of Essential Social Psychology by Richard J. Crisp and Rhiannon N. Turner.

Study Skills

Here you will find a bank of downloadable chapters from existing Sage books that are packed with ideas to help you study effectively and efficiently. From essay writing tips to strategies that will lead to exam success and advice on conducting a literature review, this page will provide you with everything you need.

Please click on the chapter titles to access the materials, or scroll down the page.

What Tutors Look For When Marking Essays (download PDF)
Chapter 2, Good Essay Writing, Peter Redman, Published March 2001 ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-7204-8 £40.00 ISBN (Paperback) 0-7619-7205-6 £9.99
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Developing Memory Techniques (download PDF)
Chapter 8, Studying at University, David McIlroy, Published May 2003, ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-4706-X £40.00 ISBN (Paperback) 0-7619-4707-8 £12.99

What Examiners Look For (download PDF)

Chapter 9, Exam Success, David McIlroy , Published April 2005, ISBN (Cased) 1-4129-0326-2 £40.00, ISBN (Paperback) 1-4129-0327-0 £12.99

The Literature Review in Research (download PDF)
Chapter 1, Doing a Literature Review, Chris Hart, Published November 1998, ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-5974-2 £60.00 (Paperback) 0-7619-5975-0 £19.99

Writing (download PDF)

Chapter 9, The International Student’s Guide, Ricky Lowes, Helen Peters, Marie Turner, Published May 2004, ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-4252-1 £60.00, ISBN (Paperback) 0-7619-4253-X £19.99

How to Succeed in Group Work (download PDF)
Chapter 8, Essential Study Skills, Tom Burns & Sandra Sinfield, Published Dec 2002, ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-4957-7 £40.00, ISBN (Paperback) 0-7619-4958-5 £14.99

What's All This About Ethics? (download PDF)

Chapter 12, Your UG Dissertation, Nicholas S R Walliman, Published July 2004, ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-4139-8 £50.00, ISBN (Paperback) 0-7619-4140-1 £13.99

What makes some presentations good? (download PDF)

Chapter 1, Presenting at Conferences, Seminars & Meetings, Kerry Shephard, Published February 2005, ISBN (Cased) 1-4129-0342-4 £50.00, ISBN (Paperback) 1-4129-0343-2 £14.99

Finding and Formulating your Topic (download PDF)
Chapter 3, Doing your Masters Dissertation, Chris Hart, Published December 2004 ISBN (Cased) 0-7619-4216-5 £60.00 ISBN (Paperback) 0-7619-4217-3 £19.99

Also available from Sage Teaching, Learning and Study Skills: A Guide for Tutors by Tom Burns & Sandra Sinfield, May 2004, C 1-4129-0068-9 £65.00, P 1-4129-0069-7 £19.99