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Student and Instructor Site For Macro Practice in Social Work for the 21st Century
Steve Burghardt

Welcome to the Instructor and Student Site

About the Book

This book develops a new paradigm suited to the quickly shifting dynamics of a globalized society, both more reliant on social networking, and yet seeking common connection and community. By focusing on how practitioners can make meaningful, strategic choices regardless of their formal roles and responsibilities, the author breathes new life into key issues ranging from how to respond to both diversity and oppression, the vital use of the internet for organizing and the limits to “virtual trust,” and co-leadership development.

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Student Resources

This Web-based student study site is intended to enhance students' understanding of Student Resources for Macro Practice in Social Work for the 21st Century by Steve Burghardt. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing the potential for students to learn and enhance class discussion.