Author: Jim Blythe

Pub Date: March 2013

Pages: 488

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About the Book

Welcome to the companion website for the second edition of Consumer Behaviour by Jim Blythe.

This book was written to take you all the way through your consumer behavior module and this website is designed to support you even further.

Instructor Resources

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The section of the companion website contains resources which are available free of charge to lecturers who adopt Consumer Behaviour.

The following material is available for lecturers:

  • Instructors’ Manual – A chapter-by-chapter guide to the textbook with additional material
  • Figures and Tables– All the key figures and diagrams from the textbook extracted and ready to drop into your own lecture slides

Student Resources

This site has lots of additional material to help you as you study for your course and revise for those final exams including:

  • Multiple Choice Questions – To test your knowledge of each of the chapters
  • Glossary of terms – A complete list of the book’s glossary
  • Website exercises– Web-based exercises to get you thinking!
  • Video clips – to bring the case studies alive