Anne-Marie Barry and Chris Yuill

Pub Date: Dec 2011
Pages: 376pp

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Anne-Marie Barry and Chris Yuill

About the Authors

Anne-Marie Barry is a research consultant in Edinburgh and former lecturer in health sociology at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Her research interests primarily focus on social inequalities and health and wellbeing, and have also included alcohol and drug use, sexual health, mental health and bereavement.


Chris Yuill is Lecturer in the School of Applied Social Sciences at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Chris has had a long standing interest in the sociology of health.  While an undergraduate at Aberdeen University in the 1980s, his final year dissertation focussed on a sociological understanding of HIV/ AIDS and its relationship with identity and culture.  In his teaching, beginning in the 1990s at Robert Gordon University, he widened this interest in health when teaching students in a variety of schools including health sciences, social work and social science.  It was teaching these students that inspired Chris and his colleague Anne-Marie Barry to write a text book for that particular audience that made clear both the necessity of sociology in understanding health and how it could improve real-life practice. 

Recent research interests have explored the relationship between alienation and health and Chris has published in a number of national and international journals on this topic.

Chris has also been a member of British Sociological Association Executive Management Team, the BSA Medical Sociology Committee, and an executive member of the EIS/ULA trade union.


Contributor Clare Swan is lecturer in social work at Robert Gordons University, Aberdeen.

Contributor Pedro Morago is senior lecturer in the school of health and social care at Teesside University.

Contributor Megan Todd is lecturer in the School of Applied Social Studies at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.