Authors: Daniel B Wright and Kamala London

Pub Date: 2009

Pages: 248

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About the Book

In the second edition of First (and Second) Steps in Statistics, Wright and London provide a clear and concise introduction to the main statistical procedures used in the social and behavioral sciences and is perfect for the statistics student starting their journey.

The rationale and procedure for analyzing data are presented through exciting examples with an emphasis on understanding rather than computation. It is ideally suited for introductory courses in statistics given its gentle beginning, yet progressive treatment of topics. In addition to descriptive statistics, graphs, t-tests, oneway ANOVAs, Chi-square, and simple linear regression.

This Second Edition now includes some new, more advanced topic areas as well as a host of additional examples to help students confidently progress through their studies and apply the techniques in lab work, reports and research projects.

The new edition has been fully updated and now includes:

  • the reorganization of the first three chapters giving more attention to univariate statistics and providing more examples to work through at this level
  • more advanced 'second step' content has been added on factorial ANOVA and multiple regression
  • the robust methods chapter from the first edition is now spread throughout the book, and is linked with common teaching practices
  • many more examples have been added to enhance the book's practical potential
  • a host of exercises as well as further reading sections at the end of every chapter.