Publishing Program for Societies and Associations


Maximized Financial Return

Our expertise lies in seeking out and fully realizing potential revenue streams for our society partners. We aggressively develop commercial sales opportunities (primarily for our scientific and medical journals), including advertising, supplements, sponsorships, reprints, and translations. In addition, we focus on increasing revenues from subscriptions, consortia sales, and licensing. We can enhance your journal’s revenue flow while creating additional visibility for your journal content and your organization.

Optimized Non-Subscription Revenue

Commercial sales constitute a growing source of revenue, specifically for many scientific and medical journals. We maintain that our full-service commercial sales program is the most powerful in the professional publishing industry. In contrast to many of the larger publishing houses that have commercial sales staff responsible for one revenue stream on a vast array of titles, we prefer to focus the attentions of our sales team on individual journals and specialty areas. Our sales representatives build an in-depth understanding of the fields in which they work to fully capitalize on sales opportunities. Our program includes
  • Advertising sales
  • Reprint sales
  • Supplement sales
  • Licensing
  • Sponsorships
  • Article translations
We pledge that from concept through final approval on commercial sales initiatives, we will stay in close communication with you, reporting not only revenue earned but the leads we uncover that may contribute to your own exhibitor and sponsor recruitment efforts.

Worldwide Reach & Usage

SAGE offers its society partners a true global presence. Through enhanced visibility on SAGE Journals, global marketing, an access program for developing countries, and particularly through consortia sales, we can achieve worldwide usage and reach for your journal. Consortia sales have become an integral part of the changing journals subscription landscape and working with consortia is an important way to ensure greater circulation worldwide as well as increased levels of usage for your journal. At SAGE, we are seeing growth in consortia sales year after year.

High Impact & Quality

Our production, design, and editorial support professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your journal is crafted to the highest standards and is produced on schedule. Quality, timely publication is key to increasing citations, subscriptions, renewals, and usage and will enhance the overall impact of your journal.

Delivering on Our Promises & Communicating Results

SAGE operates in a culture of openness and transparency. We never lose sight of the fact that it is your journal we are publishing and that we have an obligation to keep you, our partner, informed and updated. Your journal’s Publishing Editor, Production Editor, Marketing Manager, and Sales Representatives will work together with you to develop strategies for your publication. You’ll benefit from regular communication, updates, and reports to keep you informed of your journal’s performance, including detailed analyses in an easy-to-read and digestible format.
Questions about the SAGE society publishing program? Contact us.