Author: Bennett L. Schwartz

Pub Date: July 2013

Pages: 480

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About the Book

The science and practice of memory come to life with Bennett Schwartz' Memory, Second Edition. Integrated coverage of cognitive psychology and neuroscience throughout the text connect theory and research to the areas in the brain where memory processes occur, while unique applications of memory concepts to such areas as education, investigations, and courtrooms engage students in an exploration of how memory works in everyday life. Four themes create a framework for the text: the active nature of learning and remembering; memory's status as a biological process; the multiple components of memory systems; and how memory principles can improve our individual ability to learn and remember. Substantive changes in each chapter and 156 new references bring this new edition completely up to date and offer students an array of high-interest examples for augmenting their own memory abilities and appreciation of memory science.

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