Rosemary Sassoon

Pub Date: 10/2006
Pages: 96

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Rosemary Sassoon
Pupil pages from Part 2 of the book
This section contains electronic versions of the activities from the book. They will help you to practice what you have learnt.
12 Rules of legibility
Alternatives and other families
Are you leaving strokes out
Are your ascenders too long or too short
Are your descenders causing confusion
Before you even start to write
Capital letters last but not least
Dealing with descenders
Exit but not entry strokes
Exit strokes a recipe for disaster
Fast writing and slow writing
Hand positions for left-handers
Hand positions
Handwriting is a pattern
How far can you go with letters
How much space is enough
If the letter heights are wrong
If the pattern is wrong
Joins to the round group of letters
Large writing and small writing
Letters and joins for left-handers
looping at speed, fast personal joins
Mixed-up models

More missing strokes
Paper position affects how you sit…
Pen holds
Practical tips for left-handers
Relax and your handwriting will improve
Relaxing scribbles
Repairing bad joins
So you are having trouble with your…
Some round letters are too round
Spiky letters or round letters
Spot your own mistakes
Start joining in easy stages
This is how you can start
Top joins are great time savers
Unconventional pen holds - left hand
Unconventional pen holds - right hand
Unevenly sized letters
What to do about it and why
Where does one letter end and the next...
Why and when to join up, simple joins…
Your hand and your handwriting
Your slant, his slant, no slant