Mike Saks
Judith Allsop

Pub Date: 04/2007
Pages: 432

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Mike Saks and Judith Allsop
Welcome to the Companion Website for Researching Health: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods.
This website provides additional material and resources for both lecturers and students using Researching Health. The purpose is to support lecturers wishing to adopt the book by providing an outline of teaching sessions related to the variety of research methods discussed in the text. In addition, students are supported - not least through links to additional readings which indicate how other academics have engaged with the various research methods/issues outlined in the book.
Some of the content is password protected and is only available once the book is adopted. For details on obtaining inspection copies or ordering the book, click here.
About The Book
This section provides information about the book.
Lecturer Resources
This section provides additional resources for lecturers wishing to adopt Researching Health. This includes chapter outlines, with associated teaching notes and PowerPoint presentations.
Student Resources
This section provides material students can draw on when working with the book. This includes chapter outlines, linked to a related online collection of readings and additional websites as appropriate.