"Visual literacy is a given for students today" Angela Carreno, Head of Collection Development, New York University

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Communication and Media Studies Collection Title List
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SAGE Video online collections are developed in partnership with leading academics, societies and practitioners, including many of SAGE’s own authors and academic partners, to deliver cutting-edge pedagogical collections mapped to disciplinary curricular needs within the social sciences.

Available alongside our book and reference collections on SAGE Knowledge, video supports use across higher education, from pedagogical needs for undergraduate teaching and learning, through to higher level academic research.

SAGE Video combines originally commissioned and produced material with licensed videos and co-productions to provide a complete disciplinary resource for students, faculty, and researchers.


Content to support a multitude of uses in teaching and research

SAGE Video includes a breadth of video types and lengths to support students of all levels:


User-centered design

Ease-of-use and discoverability are at the heart of our Video program delivery.
Detailed metadata and MARC records enable users to quickly find relevant content, while functionality meets student and faculty needs both in and outside the classroom. Content can also be easily integrated into learning management systems:


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