Rory Ridley-Duff and Mike Bull

Pub Date: Jan 2011  

Pages: 304

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Rory Ridley-Duff and Mike Bull 

Additional Case Studies

Chapter One

Case 1.1

Social Enterprise in Culture It’s a Wonderful Life

Chapter Two

Case 2.3

Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (MCC)

Chapter Three

There are no additional case studies for this chapter.


Chapter Four

Case 4.1

Practitioner View of Social Capital Building

Chapter Five

There are no additional case studies for this chapter.


Chapter Six

Case 6.1

Social Enterprise: A Living Management Debate

Chapter Seven

Case 7.1

Stakeholder Model Limited

Stakeholder Model Limited (Critique)

Case 7.2

Co-operative CIC Limited by Guarantee

Co-operative CIC (Critique)

Case 7.3

NewCo – 2004 Memorandum and Articles (ESP Example)

NewCo (Critique)

Case 7.4

Surplus Sharing Model Rules

Surplus Sharing Model Rules – Worked Examples

Surplus Sharing Model Rules (Critique)

Chapter Eight

Case 8.1


Case 8.2

Broomby CIC

Case 8.3


Case 8.4

The Development of Balance

Case 8.5

Community Health Partnership

Case 8.6

Strategic Plan – A Templatea

Chapter Nine

Case 9.1

Custom Products

Case 9.2

Trading Trust

Case 9.3

Rights Now

Case 9.4


Chapter Ten

Case 10.3

The Community Company Model

Case 10.4

Transforming the Social Entrepreneur

Chapter Eleven

Case 11.1

The Case of ECT

Case 11.2


Case 11.3

Social Investment Funds

Case 11.4

Social Investment at Mondragon

Case 11.5

Income Streams (Fundraising Charity)

Case 11.6

Income Streams (Trading Charity)

Case 11.7

Income Streams (Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative)

Chapter Twelve

Case 12.1

Using SROI to Support Tendering and Bidding

Case 12.2

The Icarus Approach to Project Evaluation

Case 12.3

NEF Approach to Social Accounting and Audit