Zina O'Leary

Pub Date: 10/2009
Pages: 320

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Zina O'Leary

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Chapter 1 Taking the Leap into the Research World

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Chapter 3 Striving for Integrity in the Research Process

Chapter 4 Developing your Research Question

Chapter 5 Crafting a Research Proposal

Chapter 6 Working with Literature

Chapter 7 Designing a Research Plan

Chapter 8 Understanding Methodologies: Quantitative, Qualitative and 'Mixed' Approaches

Chapter 9 Understanding Methodologies: Evaluative, Action-Oriented and Emancipatory Strategies

Chapter 10 Seeking 'Respondents'

Chapter 11 Direct Data Collection: Surveys and Interviews

Chapter 12 Indirect Data Collection: Working with Observations and Existing Text

Chapter 13 Analysing Quantitative Data

Chapter 14 Analysing Qualitative Data

Chapter 15 The Challenge of Writing Up