Stephen Potter

Pub Date: 07/2006
Pages: 320

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Stephen Potter
Research students today need a wide range of high-level skills in order to accomplish the substantial task of carrying out an extended research project and successfully writing up a thesis for examination. This thoroughly revised second edition of Doing Postgraduate Research covers the core skills required by a student in the twenty-first century, drawing on the skills statement published by the Higher Education Funding Council in 2002.
The book with integrated training activities, together with its DVD and this associated website, provides a core resource which will enable the research student to acquire research skills as they proceed through their Masters or PhD programme. A key feature of this book is that it is designed to integrate with a university’s training scheme to help departments rapidly develop training programmes that fulfil research council and QAA requirements. Key topics covered include:
  •  Designing and organising a research project
  •  Understanding alternative research perspectives
  •  Doing a literature review
  •  Academic writing
  •  IPR and Ethics in research
  •  Research presentations
  •  Preparing for a viva
  •  Career development
Each chapter focuses on core components of doing a research project as a research student, taking the student through the activities and polishing their skills in ways which that will enhance their programme of study.
The book is written for both full and part-time research students and postgraduate research students, covering PhD and MPhil degrees. It covers all stages of their work but with particular emphasis on the student just starting.