Stephen Potter

Pub Date: 07/2006
Pages: 320

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Stephen Potter
Chapter 6 - Academic writing
Writer’s Web provides advice on a wide range of issues concerning the writing process and structuring of texts, together with a searchable index - Click Here
APA Guide to Preparing Manuscripts for Journal Publication gives guidelines on preparing journal articles in psychology, including an overview of peer review procedures - Click Here
Communication Education Guidelines for Manuscript Reviewers gives detailed guidelines on reviewing articles, including a list of evaluation criteria - Click Here
English for Academic Purposes Online Resource provides a collection of web links under headings such as writing, grammar, and study skills, with a particular focus on the student just starting - Click Here
Mike Ashby’s How to Write a Paper provides excellent general guidance on writing a research paper, particularly for students for whom English is a second language - Click Here
SAGE also publish a book covering a range of academic writing, including these and dissertations; chapters, books, reports and articles in academic, professional or general media such as newspapers; and also reviews the options for presenting research orally.
This is Writing and Presenting Research by Angela Thody - Click Here

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