Stephen Potter

Pub Date: 07/2006
Pages: 320

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Stephen Potter
Author details
The book has been edited by Professor Stephen Potter of the Open University’s Faculty of Technology. He is also the author or co-author of several of the book’s chapters. The other authors are:
Martin Le Voi, Senior Lecturer in Psychology in the Open University’s Social Sciences Faculty, who together with Stephen Potter chaired the team producing this book.
Chris High, Lecturer in Systems Thinking and Practice at the Open University.
Jane Montague, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby.
Wendy Stainton-Rogers, Professor in the Open University's Psychology Department and Academic Co-ordinator for the Open University Research School.
Theresa Lillis, Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Language and Communications at the Open University.
Sarah North, Lecturer in the Open University's Centre for Language and Communications.
John Oates, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology in the Open University’s Centre for Childhood, Development and Learning.
Trevor Collins, Research Fellow and Postgraduate Tutor in the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute.
Ann Jones, Senior Lecturer in the Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology.
Verina Waights, Lecturer in Professional Health Care Education Faculty of Health and Social Care
Professor Steve Evans, is the book’s External Assessor, is head of the International Ecotechnology Research Centre at Cranfield University.
Owen Horn, produced the book’s DVD.
Meridian managed the production team.