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We are pleased to provide you with the first Librarians' Newsletter of the new year. Looking back, 2006 was a busy and exciting year for SAGE. We are committed to actively responding to the needs of our customers, and this led to many new and important initiatives in 2006. We strengthened our offerings for libraries and consortia by:

  • creating new journal packages
  • digitizing our journal backfiles
  • making the SAGE Full-Text Collections accessible on the SAGE Journals Online platform
  • developing our new eReference platform
  • adding 61 journals to our list (the most significant annual growth in titles in SAGE's history)

In addition, our partnerships with several key consortia, the incorporation of our SAGE India office, and the addition of our Asia-Pacific office in Singapore (with sales operations across the region) were significant milestones in increasing our global sales presence and dissemination of our quality content around the world. We recognized the need to work more closely with our library customers and, to that end, established a dedicated library sales team. Lorna Jones, Journals Sales Manager for Southern Europe, is part of this team and is profiled in this edition of the Newsletter.

As SAGE continues to grow in size and reach, we look forward to our ongoing communications and collaboration with the library community, so together we can explore new ways and technologies to improve access to research. We hope you enjoy this spring 2007 edition of the SAGE Librarians' Newsletter and, as always, look forward to any feedback you may have.

Best wishes,

Wendy Gray
Library Marketing Manager


SAGE and Maney Exchange Journals

SAGE Publications and Maney Publishing are pleased to announce an exchange of Maney journals Chronic Illness and Journal of Endotoxin Research and SAGE journal Comparative American Studies.

Stephen Barr, managing director of SAGE Publications welcomes the deal: “Chronic Illness and the Journal of Endotoxin Research complement SAGE’s existing portfolio of over 400 academic and professional journals and enhance significantly its offering in the health and medical market. We look forward to working with the International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society (IEIIS), and with the Editors of both journals for the continuing success and development of these titles.”

He continued: “Our new global programme now includes 113 journals across the health sciences. We have an excellent international mix in our medical publishing business, which will reinforce our reputation as the natural home for authors, editors and societies, on a global scale. We have enjoyed publishing Comparative American Studies since 2003, but we believe that Maney will be in a better position to develop the success of the journal over the coming years.”

SAGE Congratulates its London Online Award Winners

SAGE was pleased to be the sponsor of both the Jason Farradane and Tony Kent Strix Awards at the 2006 London Online conference. Both awards are made by UKeiG, the UK eInformation Group, a special interest group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

The Jason Farradane Award

The 2006 Jason Farradane award, given in recognition of outstanding work in the field of information science, was presented to the University of Warwick Library by Richard Fidczuk, Production Director at SAGE. The University of Warwick Library were awarded for their development of The Learning Grid, an evolutionary information and learning service.


The Tony Kent Strix Award

The 2006 Tony Kent Strix award was offered in recognition for advancing the field of information retrieval. Presented by Jane Makoff, SAGE Associate Director for Journals Marketing, the award went to Stella Dextre Clarke. Stella received the award in appreciation of her sterling work in developing the Government Category List and its successor, the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary.

SAGE Enhances Asian Presence

In January 2007, SAGE showed its commitment to the strategic importance of Asia as a major component of its global academic and professional publishing business by inaugurating its India office into the global group and opening its new Singapore office, making it the Asia-Pacific headquarters. For more detailed information, you can read the original press release.

In addition, SAGE has partnered with EMpact Sales™ (EMpact), the publisher representation group within the EBSCO Information Services division. Under the agreement, EMpact will represent SAGE electronic products to libraries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. EMpact will work with libraries in these countries to promote SAGE online product offerings, including SAGE Premier; SAGE Scientific, Technical, and Medical Packages; the award-winning SAGE Full-Text Collections; and the new SAGE Deep Backfile Package. To learn more about SAGE’s partnership with EMpact, read the complete press release.

Visit SAGE at Upcoming Library Conferences
  • Bibliostar — Milan, Italy ( March 15-16, 2007)
  • Leipzig Bibliothekarstag — Leipzig, Germany ( March 19-21, 2007)
  • Association of College & Research Libraries — Baltimore, MD (March 29-April 1, 2007)
  • Gulf SLA — Bahrain (April 3 - 5, 2007)
  • Texas Library Association Conference — San Antonio, TX ( April 11-14, 2007)
  • United Kingdom Serials Group — University of Warwick, UK ( April 16-18, 2007)
  • INFO 2007 — Tel-Aviv, Israel (April 30- May 2, 2007)
  • 9th Special and University Libraries Conference Opatija, Croatia (May 13 - 16, 2007)
  • Inforum Prague — Czech Republic (May 22- 24, 2007)
  • ANKOS — Turkey (June 1, 2007)
  • I-EXPO — Paris, France (June 13- 14, 2007)

New Journal Packages Now Available

SAGE is offering new journal packages to libraries in 2007. SAGE Humanities and Social Science Package and SAGE Scientific, Technical, and Medical Packages are now available on the SAGE Journals Online platform, with backfile to 1999.

SAGE Humanities and Social Science Package
SAGE publishes 350 journals in the humanities and social science fields, many of which are ISI ranked. SAGE has created a package of these journals to fit your needs.

SAGE Scientific, Technical, and Medical Packages
SAGE publishes over 140 journals in Science, Technology, and Medicine and has created the following packages accessible on SAGE Journals Online, with backfile to 1999:

  • Science , Technology, and Medicine (all SAGE STM titles): 143 journals
  • Health Sciences and Nursing (incorporates the 48 titles in Clinical Medicine): 107 journals
  • Clinical Medicine: 48 journals
For more information, visit
SAGE Full Text Collections SAGE Full-Text Collections Now Available on SAGE Journals Online

The SAGE Full-Text Collections, SAGE’s award-winning, discipline-specific research databases, are now available on SAGE Journals Online, SAGE’s online journal delivery platform. The press release with more information can be read here.

Libraries currently subscribing to the SAGE Full-Text Collections on the CSA Illumina platform are invited to have trial access to the SAGE Full-Text Collections on the SAGE Journal Online platform for one month. If you are interested in a trial of the SAGE Full-Text Collections on the SAGE Journals Online platform, please contact

The SAGE Full-Text Collections are available in the following disciplines:
Communication Studies • Criminology •Education • Health Sciences • Management & Organization Studies • Materials Science • Political Science • Psychology • Sociology • Urban Studies & Planning

For more information:
Read the original press release.
See a demo.
Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your library does not subscribe to the SAGE Full-Text Collections and you would like more information, click here to view the brochure or email for pricing information.
Outstanding Academic Titles Education: A SAGE Full-Text Collection Included in the Choice 2006 Outstanding Academic Titles List

Education: A SAGE Full-Text Collection—a discipline-specific, research database from SAGE and participating societies—has been included in the Choice 2006 Outstanding Academic Titles list. The Collection, which includes 33 peer-reviewed journals, many of which are ranked in the Thomson Scientific Journal Citation Reports®, offers access to deep backfile back to volume 1, issue 1. Among the prestigious journals included in this Collection are the six journals of the American Educational Research Association. The Collection is available on SAGE Journals Online and on the CSA Illumina platform.

To see a list of journals included in this Collection, visit

For general information about the SAGE Full-Text Collections, visit

If you are interested in pricing information or a trial, please email

SAGE Consortia Options for 2007

SAGE provides all of the following purchase options to library consortia:

SAGE Premier provides access to 452 SAGE journal titles in the social sciences, humanities, medicine, engineering, and physical and life sciences, with a backfile to 1999 (for consortia wanting access to all of SAGE's peer-reviewed journals). SAGE Premier is available on the HighWire platform, SAGE Journals Online. See a full list of all titles included in SAGE Premier in either PDF format or Comma Separated File format.

SAGE Backfile includes the content of a journal from its first issue through the last issue of 1998 (content from January 1999 to the present is included in the current subscription). The following options are available to library consortia for all SAGE journals (where available):

  • Annual subscription (lease) of deep backfile for all SAGE journals
  • Ownership (perpetual access) of deep backfile for all SAGE journals

For more information please email

New SAGE eReference – From March 2007, 47 of SAGE’s award-winning encyclopedias will be available online via the I-Factory platform.  As a special offeruntil 30 th June 2007, the entire SAGE eReference collection will be available for a one-off purchase for £5,000.

If you are interested in receiving further information about SAGE eReference please contact or visit

The SAGE Full-Text Collections , ten popular discipline-specific databases, including backfiles extending up to 57 years, now available via SAGE Journals Online.

To learn more about our offerings to library consortia contact

Update on SAGE Deep Backfile Digitization Project

SAGE is pleased to announce that, to date, over 309,000 articles have been digitized as part of our SAGE Deep Backfile Digitization Project. SAGE began digitizing journals back to volume 1, issue 1, in March 2006 and the project is currently 85% complete.

We are currently offering the deep backfile for lease or purchase on a title-by-title basis. As SAGE anticipates the digitization process will not be fully complete until spring 2007, early adopters of the backfile lease option for individual titles will be offered a special introductory discount rate. For more information, visit For pricing information, please email

The entire SAGE Deep Backfile Package of 301 journals is also available for lease or purchase. In addition, the deep backfile is being added to the SAGE Full-Text Collections, SAGE’s discipline-specific research databases, which are available on SAGE Journals Online and on the CSA Illumina platform.

Top 20 Downloaded Journals in 2006

Below are the top 20 most-downloaded journals on SAGE Journals Online (based on full-text article downloads) from January to December 2006.

  1. The American Journal of Sports Medicine
  2. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
  3. Journal of Interpersonal Violence
  4. Nursing Science Quarterly
  5. Human Relations
  6. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
  7. Qualitative Health Research
  8. Journal of Travel Research
  9. Theory, Culture & Society
  10. Media, Culture & Society
  11. The Diabetes Educator
  12. Communication Research
  13. Violence Against Women
  14. American Behavioral Scientist
  15. Western Journal of Nursing Research
  16. Journal of Transcultural Nursing
  17. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
  18. Journal of Human Lactation
  19. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
  20. Sociology

2007 Journals Catalogue Now Available

We are pleased to provide you with our new online 2007 Catalogue of Journals. SAGE now publishes over 470 journals across the social and behavioural sciences, humanities, and in science, technology, and medicine. To view the catalogue online, click here.

Journal Updates

To find information about changes to our journals programme, including the addition of 30 new titles in 2007, please click here or visit our Subscription Administration page on the SAGE Librarians’ Site.


Get to Know Lorna Jones, Journals Sales Manager at SAGE London

Lorna Jones

We are pleased to introduce Lorna Jones, our Journals Sales Manager for Southern Europe. Her territory includes France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Greece.  Lorna originally joined SAGE as Journals Sales Coordinator in April 2005 to administratively support the journals sales team but then in May 2006, Lorna was promoted to the position of Journals Sales Manager.  Her responsibilities include negotiating consortia agreements for SAGE journal products such as SAGE Premier, SAGE Deep Backfile, SAGE Full-Text Collections and SAGE eReference as well as working closely with librarians and keeping them informed of new and improved offerings and services.

Lorna usually travels to Europe on work trips twice a month.  These are composed of library visits or conferences.  In February, Lorna travelled to Italy to visit a number of hospitals and academic universities.  “I mostly enjoy meeting with librarians face-to-face, to better understand their needs for their institution.  I can then recommend the most relevant packages of journals, and also provide a quality service to customers” says Lorna.

Although Lorna began her publishing career at SAGE, her passion for travel and her living knowledge of the Southern European market, culture and language skills began long before.  Lorna studied for a degree in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) at the University of Manchester for four years, during which, she spent a year living and studying in Dijon, France and Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  Upon graduation in 2004, Lorna took a post graduate course in European Business Management at the Manchester Business School before joining SAGE in 2005.  She is now learning Italian in order to assist her during work trips to Italy. Lorna’s extensive foreign language skills are an incredible asset and are very important in enabling her to talk to librarians and contacts in their native tongue.

On a non-professional note, Lorna’s interests are diverse; in her spare time she enjoys keeping fit through hiking, cycling, running, skiing holidays, and she is also a member of SAGE’s softball team in the Publishers softball league.  She is interested in music and concerts, playing the clarinet, reading and the cinema.


SAGE e-ReferenceSAGE eReference—Sign up now for a Free Trial and 40% Discount off the Print Price!

SAGE is pleased to announce the launch of SAGE eReference - 47 of SAGE’s award-winning encyclopedias are now available online, via the I-Factory.

To celebrate the launch, we are offering free trials of our new online encyclopedias for a limited time. Email your choice of one of the following:

Once set up for a trial, you will be able to enjoy this free online encyclopedia for one full year!

SAGE eReference Introductory Discount

Don’t forget, you can still order the Complete Catalogue of online encyclopedias at 40% off the print price. This offer includes 47 SAGE Reference encyclopedias for only £5,000.

To order, please contact your supplier, or email more information .

This offer is valid from January 1, 2007, to June 30, 2007, so order now!

Features of SAGE eReference include:

  • Complete collection of 47 online encyclopedias, which includes the backlist of SAGE Reference encyclopedias.
  • Access on the I-Factory platform
  • The buyer purchases to own: this is not a subscription arrangement
  • Each title will have a unique ISBN
  • COUNTER compliant usage statistics
  • The features and functionality of the platform I-Factory are unique, each title individualized.
  • Simple and Boolean Advanced Search functions
  • Unlimited user access

If you are interested in receiving further information about SAGE eReference please contact or visit

Forthcoming Encyclopedias from SAGE Reference

Encyclopedias The following encyclopedias will be available in print and via SAGE eReference:

Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives
3 Volume set
Authored by: David Clark, Willamette University
June 2007; ISBN: 0-7619-2387-X; £225.00; 1,400 pages
Special Introductory Offer - £190

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice
3 Volume set
Edited by: Gary L. Anderson, New York University
Kathryn G. Herr, Montclair State University
May 2007; ISBN: 1-4129-1812-X;  £280.00; 1,500 pages
Special Introductory Offer - £240

Encyclopedia of Health and Aging
Edited by: Kyriakos S. Markides 
April 2007; ISBN: 1-4129-0949-X;  £85.00; 584 pages
Special Introductory Offer - £75.00

Forthcoming Handbooks

Handbook of European Union Politics
Edited by
Knud Erik Jorgensen University of Aarhus
Mark Pollack Temple University
Ben Rosamond University of Warwick
January 2007
Cloth (978-1-4129-0875-7) £85.00

The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education
Edited by:
Mary Hayden, University of Bath
John Jeff Thompson, IB Research Unit, University of Bath
Jack Levy, George Mason University
January 2007; ISBN: 978-1-4129-1971-5; £85.00; 520 pages

British Social Attitudes
The 23rd Report
Edited by Alison Park, National Centre for Social Research, London
December 2006, ISBN:978-1-4129-3432-9; £45.00


Regional Sales Contacts for Online Products

Below are your regional sales contacts for licensing agreements (individual and multi-site institutions and consortia), including Sage Premier, Backfile purchases and leasing, renewals of the SAGE Full-Text Collections and eReference. For general enquiries, you may also send an email to

For quotes within the UK, Europe and South Africa contact your local representative below:


Sales Contact

Email Address

South Africa

Helen Cooke

Southern Europe

Lorna Jones

Nordic region and Benelux

Tommy Kagner

UK & Ireland

James Pawley

Germany , Austria , Switzerland , Eastern Europe and Middle East

Jan Rylewicz

For more information about SAGE Full Text Collections contact:
For more information about Backfile Lease or Purchase contact:

For quotes in Canada, South and Central America, please contact Mark Kendall, Director of Sales
For Asia and Australasia, please contact Rosalia da Garcia, Director, Library/Consortia Sales

Customer Service Account Managers for Library Consortia and Online Products

SAGE Account Managers work closely with our Customer Service and Sales team to ensure that you receive full support for our online services. This includes our Consortia and SAGE Full Text Collections offering, Backfile purchase, eReference and online technical support. Your Account Manager will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our online products.  Please contact with any queries.

Regional Sales Contacts for Books

For book enquiries for Europe, UK, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific please contact the appropriate representative below:


Sales Contact

Email Address

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Tony Histed, Associate Director of Sales


Adam Birchall, Key Accounts/Special Sales Manager

Asia Pacific

Nicola Everitt, Sales Manager, Asia Pacific

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