Michael Myers

Pub Date: 11/2008
Pages: 296

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Michael Myers


Over the past decade there has been an increased interest in the use of qualitative research in all of the business and management disciplines. The purposes of this book are as follows:

  • to provide a qualitative textbook that focuses specifically on business and management;
  • to provide a broad, reasonably comprehensive discussion of the various qualitative research methods (and their philosophical underpinnings) that researchers can use;
  • to provide a qualitative textbook that is enthusiastic and positive about the use of qualitative research in business and management.

With regards to the last point, this book provides examples of qualitative studies drawn from many business and management disciplines. Almost all of the examples have been drawn from the top journals in the disciplines concerned e.g. Accounting, Organizations and Society in accounting, MIS Quarterly in the field of information systems, or Journal of Consumer Research in marketing. This selection of examples from some of the top research journals shows that qualitative researchers in business no longer need to be apologetic or defensive about their research.

This book is aimed primarily at graduate and postgraduate students in business and management. It is especially appropriate for research Masters and PhD students who are intending to conduct their first qualitative research project. Additionally, this book might be helpful for faculty members who have been trained in quantitative research methods but want to learn more about the potential of qualitative research.

This book is relevant for students in almost all of the business disciplines including accounting, employment relations, finance, human resource management, information systems, international business, management, marketing, operations management, organization development, and strategic management.