Giampietro Gobo

Pub Date: 11-04-2008
Pages: 376

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Giampietro Gobo


Doing Ethnography will be vital reading for any researcher or student seeking to embark on an ethnographic or observation-based study of their own. Giampietro Gobo describes with clarity and skill the many phases of doing an ethnographic inquiry, provides numerous examples of ethnographic practice and offers suggestions and advice for the novice ethnographer.

Ethnography seeks to understand, describe and explain the symbolic world lying beneath the social action of groups, organizations and communities.  This book clearly sets out the coordinates and foundations of this increasingly popular method.  Gobo describes the ethnographic research process from start to finish, including research design, access to the field, data collection, organization and analysis, and communication of the results. 

Exercises, case studies, lists of key terms and points, and self-evaluation tests make this an invaluable resource for all students covering ethnographic methodologies on research methods courses and anyone interested in doing ethnographic research themselves.