Andy Field and Jeremy Miles

Pub Date: Feb 2010

Pages: 752

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Andy Field and Jeremy Miles

Table of Contents

Why Is My Evil Lecturer Forcing Me To Learn Statistics?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Statistics (Well, Sort Of)

The SAS Environment

Exploring Data with Graphs

Exploring Assumptions



Logistic Regression

Comparing Two Means

Comparing Several Means: ANOVA (GLM 1)

Analysis of Covariance, ANCOVA (GLM 2)

Factorial ANOVA (GLM 3)

Repeated-measures Designs (GLM 4)

Mixed Design ANOVA (GLM 5)

Non-parametric Tests

Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA)

Exploratory Factor Analysis

Categorical Data

Multilevel Linear Models

Epilogue: Life After Discovering Statistics