Andy Field and Jeremy Miles

Pub Date: Feb 2010

Pages: 752

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Andy Field and Jeremy Miles

Student comments about Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, second edition

‘This book is amazing, I love it! It is responsible for raising my degree classification to a 1st class. I want to thank you for making a down to earth, easy to follow no nonsense book about the stuff that really matters in statistics.’ - Tim Kock


‘Just a quick note to say how fantastic your stats book is. I was very happy to find a stats book which had sensible and interesting (sex, drugs and rock and roll) worked examples.’ - Josephine Booth


‘I am deeply in your debt for your having written Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (2nd edition). Thank you for a great contribution that has made life easier for so many of us.’ -
Bill Jervis Groton


‘I love the way that you write. You make this twoddle so lively. I am no longer crying, swearing, sweating or threatening to jack in this stupid degree just because I can’t do the statistics. I am elated and smiling and jumping and grinning that I have come so far and managed to win over the interview panel using definitions and phrases that I read in your book!!! Bring it on you nasty exams. This candidate is Field Trained ...’- Sara Chamberlain


‘I just wanted to thank you for your book. I am working on my thesis and making sense of the statistics. Your book is wonderful!’ - Katya Morgan


‘Sitting in front of a massive pile of books, in the midst of jamming up revision for exams, I cannot help distracting myself to tell you that your book keeps me smiling (or mostly laughing), although I am usually crying when I am studying. Thank you for your genius book. You have actually made a failing math student into a first class honors student, all with your amazing humor. Moreover, you have managed to convert me from absolutely detesting statistics to “actually” enjoying them. For this, I thank you immensely. At university we have a great laugh on your jokes … till we finish our degrees your book will keep us going!’ - Amber Atif Ghani


‘Your book has brought me out of the darkness to a place where I feel I might see the light and get through my exam. Stats is by far not my strong point but you make me feel like I could live with it! Thank you.’ - Vicky Learmont


‘I just wanted to email you and thank you for writing your book, Discovering Statistics Using SPSS. I am a graduate student at the University of Victoria, Canada, and have found your book invaluable over the past few years. I hope that you will continue to write more in-depth stats books in the future! Thank you for making my life better!’ - Leila Scannell


‘For a non-math book, this book is the best stat book that I have ever read.’ - Dvir Kleper