Noel Cross

Pub Date: 12/2009
Pages: 232

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Noel Cross

Further Reading

These online readings have been selected to complement your use of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice: An Introduction by Noel Cross. We have selected appropriate, insightful and relevant articles from SAGE journals.
1. Introduction

2. Actus reus

3. Mens rea

4. General defences in the criminal law

5. Alternative forms of criminal liability

6. Non-fatal assaults

7. Sexual assaults

8. Homicide

9. Property offences

10. Conclusions

Chapter 1

Bill Dixon and David Gadd (2006)
Getting the Message? 'New' Labour and the Criminalization of 'Hate'
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Lindsay Farmer (1996)
The Obsession with Definition: the Nature of Crime and Critical Legal Theory
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The Opening and Closing of Breaches: A Theory on Crime Waves, Law Creation and Crime Prevention
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Criminal Law and Punishment: Indexical Permission
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Jayne Mooney and Jock Young (2006)
The Decline in Crime and the Rise of Anti-Social Behaviour
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Chapter 2

Richard Ericson (2007)
Rules in Policing: Five Perspectives
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Peter Gill (2002)
Policing and Regulation: What is the Difference?
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Policing as a Public Good: Reconstituting the Connections between Policing and the State
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Chapter 3

Fiona Brookman, Lesley Noaks, and Emma Wincup (2001)
Access to Justice: Remand Issues and the Human Rights Act
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Michael Lynch and Ruth McNally
'Science', 'Common Sense', and DNA Evidence: A Legal Controversy about the Public Understanding of Science
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Looking through the Guilty Plea Glass: the Structural Framework of English and American State Courts
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'Getting through the List': Judgecraft and Legitimacy in the Lower Courts
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Michael Naughton (2005)
'Evidence Based Policy' and the Government of the Criminal Justice System - Only If the Evidence Fits!
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Chapter 4

Gavin Dingwall and Laurence Koffman (2008)
Determining the Impact of Intoxication in a Desert-Based Sentencing Framework
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Punishment, Poverty and Responsibility: The Case for a Hardship Defence
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Mark Tunick (2004)
Can Culture Excuse Crime? Evaluating the Inability Thesis
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Chapter 5

Leonidas K. Cheliotis (2006)
How Iron is the Iron Cage of New Penology? The Role of Human Agency in the Implementation of Criminal Justice Policy
Punishment & Society, 8: 313-340

David Faulkner (2008)
The New Shape of Probation in England and Wales: Values and Opportunities in a Changing Context
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Partners in Crime: A Study of the Relationship between Female Offenders and Their Co-defendants
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Towards the 'Decivilizing' of Punishment?
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Chapter 6

Ruth Lewis, R Emerson Dobash, Russell P Dobash, and Kate Cavanagh (2001)
Law's Progressive Potential: The Value of Engagement with the Law for Domestic Violence
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Leslie J. Moran (1995)
Violence and the Law: the Case of Sado-Masochism
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Mental Disorder and Violent Crime: A Problematic Relationship
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The Day to Count: Reflections on a Methodology to Raise Awareness about the Impact of Domestic Violence in the UK
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Chapter 7

Emily Finch and Vanessa E. Munro (2007)
The Demon Drink and the Demonized Woman: Socio-Sexual Stereotypes and Responsibility Attribution in Rape Trials Involving Intoxicants
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Male Rape and the Careful Construction of the Male Victim
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Chapter 8

Anna Carline (2005)
Zoora Shah: 'An Unusual Woman'
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Chapter 9

Trevor Bennett and Fiona Brookman (2008)
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Chapter 10

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