Barbara Chivers and Michael Shoolbred

Pub Date: 09/2007
Pages: 176

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Barbara Chivers and Michael Shoolbred

Author Details

Barbara Chivers is an educational consultant and freelance researcher. During her career she has worked with students in the secondary, further and higher education sectors and was formerly a senior lecturer at University of Central England (now Birmingham City University).  She has a first degree in Psychology and an MA in Media and Communication.

In higher education Barbara has taught management and delivered a range of education and training courses. She has also carried out research into what factors influence effective presentations. Working with students on presentations for assessment and as preparation for job interviews has increased her interest in how presentations are used and received from the different perspectives of student, audience and tutor.

Michael Shoolbred is a highly experienced teacher and trainer who has worked in both further and higher education. He is currently a Learning Skills Adviser at the University of Birmingham, and like Barbara,   was previously a senior lecturer at the University of Central England.  He has a BA (Hons), an M. Phil. in construction industry information, a Postgraduate Certificate in Dyslexia Studies, and professional qualifications as a teacher and trainer. Michael has a lifelong interest in making presentations effective, memorable and enjoyable.