Author:Jeanne H. Ballantine

Pub Date: July 2010

Pages: 704

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About the Book

The introductory text that asks today’s students to think outside of their ‘micro’ box—from two recipients of the ASA “Distinguished Contributions to Teaching” award!

Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology, Third Edition inspires students to see the impact of larger social structures and global trends on their personal lives, to develop their sociological imaginations, and to view both world events and their personal experiences from a sociological perspective on a day-to-day basis. This innovative and engaging text provides today’s student with an integrated, comprehensive framework from which to view the world and to see the social structures at work behind the scenes. In each chapter, authors Jeanne H. Ballantine and Keith A. Roberts provide a balanced organizing theme (the social world model) to help students see relationships between various levels of the social system. Our Social World, Third Edition also emphasizes diversity, presenting the perspective of students living in the larger global world.

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