George Avlonitis
Paulina Papastathopoulou

Pub Date: 04/2006
Pages: 280

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George Avlonitis & Paulina Papastathopoulou- Product and Services Management
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Chapter 1 – The product as an economic variable
Chapter 2 - Types of product decisions
Chapter 3 - Product life cycle and marketing strategy
Chapter 4 - Evaluation of Product/Service Portfolio
Chapter 5 - New Product/Service Development and Portfolio Models
Chapter 6 - Pre-Development Activities of New Products and Services
Chapter 7 - Development, Testing and Launching New Products and Services
Chapter 8 - Successful adoption and diffusion of new products and services
Chapter 9 - Identification and revitalization of weak products and services
Chapter 10 - Evaluation of weak products/services and elimination strategies
Chapter 11 - Organizational arrangements for developing, managing and eliminating products and services