George Avlonitis
Paulina Papastathopoulou

Pub Date: 04/2006
Pages: 280

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George Avlonitis & Paulina Papastathopoulou- Product and Services Management
"A complete and useful treatment of the domain of product and service decisions. Enlivened by many mini-cases, the book provides a ‘soup-to-nuts’ approach that will prove to be very attractive for students as well as a valuable reference for managers. Highly recommended."
Gary L. Lilien
Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science, Penn State University, USA

"Product and Services Management is a welcome, up-to-date summary of the key issues facing firms in developing and refreshing their portfolios. The examples and cases bring the academic arguments clearly into focus and demonstrate the crucial role of PSM in leading the overall strategy of the firm."
Graham Hooley
Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Aston University, UK

"Avlonitis and Papastathopoulou reveal, in a compelling and comprehensive manner, why product decisions are the cornerstone of modern marketing and business, and illustrate the theory with numerous mini-cases from Europe and elsewhere. A must-read for everyone with a passion for products."
Erik Jan Hultink
Professor of New Product Marketing, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands